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Cambridgeshire Expressive Arts and Counselling Centre offers consulting for couples and families in need of support.

Couple/ family counselling is an opportunity to improve insights, relationship understanding, and find ways to move forwards through positive changes.

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We explore relationship issues in many areas

  • Beliefs

  • Bereavement/ loss

  • Conflicts

  • Emotional needs

  • Financial issues

  • Life changes/ transitions

  • Parenting issues/ styles

  • Trust

  • Unresolved issues

  • Work related stress

  • Communication

  • Cultural issues

  • Family issues

  • Family dynamics/functioning

  • Goals

  • Lifestyle choices

  • Separation

  • Social and emotional needs

  • Values

Couple/ family counselling is an opportunity to improve insight and understanding of relationships

Identify Strengths!

Set Goals!

Resolve Problems!

Every family and relationship is unique. Couple/ family counselling is non-judgmental about age, ability, backgrounds, beliefs, culture, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality and values.

A FREE 30 minute consultation is offered to discuss well-being needs and aims of counselling/ therapy.

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