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Dare to Dream Storytelling Contest 2021⭐️✨

2nd Annual CEAACC "Book Corner" competition integrating art, storytelling and creative media.

⭐️✨An exciting opportunity for children, young people, and adults to capture their dreams through art, creative mixed media, poetry, song, writing...

⭐️✨Categories include: Key Stage 1; Key Stage 2; Secondary; Young Adult; Adults.

⭐️✨All submissions to fit on an A4 piece of paper, and to be submitted via mail to:

Cambridgeshire Expressive Arts and Counselling Centre C.I.C

Walsingham Chambers, Butcher's Row


Please provide contact details with your submission.

Please provide a Stamped Addressed Envelope with submission for return of work.

Or email Stephen Port-Burke (Administrator):

Please provide contact details with your submission.

Please contact Stephen Port-Burke with any questions.

🎶Re. Music/ song submissions- please email us for submission information✨

⭐️✨All children and young people under 18 must have consent from their parents, and provide a parent name and contact information in their submission.

⭐️✨Deadline for submissions is 1st March 2021 ✨

⭐️✨CEAACC will judge submissions✨

⭐️✨Winners announced 15th March 2021✨

⭐️✨Amazing prizes to be won including dream catcher, journal, pens & gift voucher ✨

⭐️✨Certificates to be awarded to all winners ✨

⭐️✨Winners to be announced on our blog and social media ✨

Please note, all submissions will be reviewed before judging by CEAACC Leadership. Inappropriate content will not be progressed in the competition.

We look forward to hearing from you!

- The CEAACC Team

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