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ExpressivEly: Art, Discovery, and Wellbeing by CEAACC Young People

"Just as I have blue in my eyes, I have art in my soul." 13 year-old.

This February, 20 young people aged 7-25, are part of CEAACC's Revolving Art Gallery.

The exhibition is an integration of colour, media, perspectives and stories. Each artist recognises art as core to their identity, self-expression, and wellbeing.

"Just as I have blue in my eyes, I have art in my soul." 13 year-old.

Cambridgeshire Expressive Arts and Counselling Centre (CEAACC) provides art, expressive therapies, and counselling services to children, young people and adults. Combining clinical and creative support for mental health, CEAACC aims to offer a range of approachable and professional support options for individuals in Ely, Cambridgeshire and extended communities.

Our Revolving Gallery is an opportunity for local artists to display their art (free of charge) in the centre for 6 weeks. We currently have several young artists contributing... but have previously featured: Ebu Istanda, Peter Crussell, and Kim Smith.

Kim Smith Peter Crussell Ebu Istanda

I am enormously proud of our current young exhibitors, as it takes a lot of commitment and hard work to emotionally and practically prepare for an exhibition. For many of our young artists, anxiety, low mood, and self-esteem are part of their wellbeing journeys. This exhibition features just a few of our CEAACC young people... we look forward to offering more young people the opportunity to exhibit in the future.

Lee Cooper Ruby Crystal Williams

Two of our young artists exhibiting several works include Ruby Crystal Williams and Lee Cooper. Lee is a young professional, and combines elements including dreams, science, and surrealism in his art. Richly layered in colour, texture and meaning... Lee's art takes you far beyond the canvas! Ruby, a sixth form student, focuses on capturing the fresh, raw, beauty of fruit. Combining skill with spontaneity... her water colours put vibrancy and zest into still life!

BIG congrats and thanks to all our exhibitors... All our artists have a journey and a story... and ALL are inspirational young people! CEAACC is bursting with colour, diversity, and expression! Thank you!!!

If you are interested in exhibiting in our Revolving Gallery, please contact our administrator Stephen: for more details. If you're on Facebook, please join our page for news and upcoming events!

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